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Butterflies for Babies Day - Welcome
Butterflies for Babies Day
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Welcome to Butterflies for Babies Day

October 26th, Pregnancy Loss Australia's Annual Awareness day






















Pregnancy Loss Australia is an Australia wide support program for bereaved parents who suffer the loss of their baby or babies at any gestation during pregnancy or shortly after birth. 

Butterflies for Babies Day is the day we have nominated for our very own special Awareness Day.   October 26th, this is our day - a day where we can promote, celebrate and participate.   

Promote our wonderful organisation  and how we can provide help to many bereaved families across Australia.

Celebrate  the amazing work that the team do.

Participate in the day Australia wide.


Our first Butterflies for Babies Day was held in 2010 and has grown ever since. It is our aim to make October 26th a well known Pregnancy Loss Australia awareness day.

Butterflies for Babies Day - we have many events planned, please visit the events page to find out whats happening near you!


Introducing our beautiful Butterfly for Babies Day merchandise 

Help celebrate butterflies for babies day and show your support by purchasing our pins for just $5 each, keyrings for $5 and our wristbands for $4 from on our online store.

Merchandise is also available at one of our B4BD Stands across the country.

 Help us support every family that suffers the loss of their baby.


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